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Bible Quiz on The 1000 years

What happens during the millennium? Complete this simple Bible quiz and see how well you understand what the Bible teaches about the 1,000 years.

Need Help? Click here to reference our Bible Study Guide on The 1000 years.
1. Mark the events that will take place at the beginning of the 1,000 years of Revelation chapter 20: (10)
  • Second coming of Jesus.
  • Earthquake and hailstorm.
  • Righteous dead raised.
  • Satan bound.
  • Living wicked slain.
  • Righteous given immortality.
  • Holy city descends.
  • Righteous taken to heaven.
  • Wicked in graves remain dead.
  • Righteous given bodies like Jesus.
  • Righteous caught up into the clouds.
  • Some saved will be left on the earth.

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