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In Ezekiel chapter 32 it seems to indicate that those who have died will be able to speak from hell. Doesn't this mean that the dead can speak?  
Has the law been done away with? Since we are under grace do we still need to obey it?  
Is it possible for someone who ended their own life to be in heaven? Are there any Bible passages or stories that give clarity on this?  
Is it really necessary to join with a body of like-minded believers in regular worship services? Does the Bible teach this? What is the benefit of doing so?  
Do we have the option to be 'perfect' like Christ? Is it even something to be considered to fully overcome sin? If so, how?  
Are people born gay? Is there a such thing as a gay gene? If so, what would the spiritual implications of that be?  
Can people really talk to the dead? The Bible clearly teaches we are not to attempt to talk to the dead. Humans who try to talk to the dead are really talking to demons who are fallen angels who impersonate the dead.  
Can the dead come back and visit us? Doesn't the witch of Endor prove a dead person can speak to us? If you look at a careful reading of this story, you will see this was not Samuel, but the witch only perceived it was Samuel.  
If you're generally a good person, when you die do you go directly and immediately to heaven? What does the Bible say?  
What does it mean to judge? 'Thou shalt not judge' is a verse that is probably quoted more than other in Scripture. What's the context of it?  
Was the prohibition against eating fat and blood a part the Old Covenant and only applicable to the Jews? What does the Bible say?  
No government can survive without the last six of the ten commandments, but when a government seeks to enforce the first four commandments, are they overstepping their bounds?  
What does the Bible mean when it says, 'to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord'? Do we go to be with the Lord right after death?  
Explain the secret rapture and the Bible references for it. It is true that we will be carried away by Christ, but it is not true that it will happen secretly. The Bible gives us a clear picture that every eye will see Him when He comes.  
How can I feel God answering my prayers? Elijah's experience in the wilderness teaches us that even when we cannot hear God's voice, the Lord is near.  
Genesis chapter 6 speaks of the Sons of God marrying the daughters of men. Who are the Sons of God? Are they angels? Didn't Jesus say angels don't marry?  
In second Corinthians chapter 5, Paul seems to indicate that as soon as we die we are in the presence of God. Is this an accurate understanding of the verse?  

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