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Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. 1 Peter 5:6-7

Your only safety and happiness are in making Christ your constant Counsellor. You can be happy in Him if you had not another friend in the wide world. Your feelings of unrest and homesickness or loneliness may be for your good. Your heavenly Father means to teach you to find in Him the friendship and love and consolation that will satisfy your most earnest hopes and desires. Many are striving to carry your their own burdens. They are too heavy for you. Jesus bids you cast them upon Him that He may carry them for you. There is an experience for you to gain in faith and trust in God. He is faithful who hath promised. You must exercise faith in the promises of God.

Do not be overanxious about anything. Go quietly about your duty which the day brings you. Do the best you can; ask God to be your helper. Do what you can, and do not neglect to pray and watch thereunto and in no case neglect your religious duties. Never let your studies interfere with your religious exercises. You want to be obtaining a more thorough knowledge of the will of God as well as to advance in the sciences. If one must be neglected, let it never be religious duties. Go on from day to day doing what you well can, and be content with that. You may say, I do the best I can today and leave what I cannot do without worriment or care. And when tomorrow comes I will, in the fear of the Lord, do what I can on the morrow. Thus from day to day pursue your course of duty, trusting in God to be your helper and to give you quick perception and heavenly wisdom that you may be fitted to honor Him with your talents.

Have you fully consecrated yourself to the Lord? Feel every day, "I am doing my work for God. I am not living for myself, to glorify myself, but to glorify God." Oh, trust in Jesus and not in your own heart. Cast your burdens and yourself upon Him. If you feel no joy, no consolation, do not be discouraged. Hope and believe. You may have a precious experience in the things of God. Wrestle with your discouragements and doubts until you gain the victory over them in Jesus' name. Do not encourage grief, despondency, and darkness. Cast your burden upon Jesus and be sure not to withhold yourself.

Is not God's Word sufficient for you with the assurance of emotion or joy? Can you not trust Him and believe without feeling? Repose in the broad, sure promises of God. Rest in these promises, without a doubt.
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