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God of Nature Part #7

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The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John: Revelation 1:1

God is to be acknowledged more from what he does not reveal of himself than from that which is open to our limited comprehension. If men could comprehend the unsearchable wisdom of God, and could explain that which he has done or can do, they would no longer reverence him or fear his power. In divine revelation God has given to men mysteries that are incomprehensible, to command their faith. This must be so.

If the ways and works of God could be explained by finite minds, he would not stand as supreme. Men may be ever searching, ever inquiring, ever learning, and yet there is an infinity beyond. The light is shining, ever shining with increasing brightness upon our pathway, if we but walk in its divine rays. But there is no darkness so dense, so impenetrable, as that which follows the rejection of Heaven's light, through whatever source it may come.

Can men comprehend God?--No. They may speculate in regard to his way and works, but only as finite beings can. Those who think they can obtain a knowledge of God aside from his Representative, whom the word declares is "the express image of his person," will need to become fools in their own estimation before they can be wise.

Christ came as a personal Saviour to the world. He represented a personal God. He ascended on high as a personal Saviour, and will come again as he ascended into heaven, a personal Saviour. It is impossible to gain a perfect knowledge of God from nature, for nature itself is imperfect. A curse, a blight, is upon it. Yet the things of nature, marred as they are by the blight of sin, inculcate truths regarding the skilful Master Artist. One omnipotent Power, great in goodness in mercy, and in love, has created the earth, and even in its blighted state much that is beautiful remains.
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