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How did we come across the different races in the world?

Caller: I was just wondering about uh, like Adam and Eve and how we came across - like different ethnic races and everything like that - how black, white....

Pastor Doug: Ok that's a good question. First let me tell you what I don't think this means. Since there are three major races in the world, some people have speculated that for some strange reason, Noah's three children looked very bizarre Shem, Ham, and Japheth didn't look at all like siblings - that one looked Caucasian, and one looked Asian, and one looked African American. That's absurd.

For one thing you find out when you get to Tower of Babel, they're all still together and they're intermarrying. So after the Tower of Babel experience, God told them to scatter to the four different corners of the earth and they formed and they congregated in different tribes and clans and nations.

Now there was some affinity to stay within certain groups that you see in the ancestors of Noah. But people who were isolated in different groups, as they intermarried, certain genetic traits became more predominant.

Matter of fact, I can go to Japan and I can tell the difference between a Japanese person from a Korean person, and they're right across the ocean from each other, right across the Sea of Japan. And if you tell a Korean person, if you ask them if they're Vietnamese, they'll be offended because they see vast differences. And so they were just isolated and through their national intermarriage and their genetic features that became more predominant, you develop your races.

Caller: All right.

Pastor Doug: Ok?

Caller: Thank you very much.

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