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Was the world created in six literal days?

Caller:  I wanted to know if the creation account in the Bible took six literal days?  How do we know that creation week doesn’t represent seven million years or something?  I’ll just take my answer off the air.

Pastor Doug:  Okay.  Now we have a lot of phones that are blinking right now and this will free something up.  Some people have suggested that perhaps it wasn’t really six literal days, maybe it was six thousand years or six million years that God used in creation.  Well, if they believe that, first of all, they can’t believe anything Genesis says.  They have to just change everything and why even stick with six days?  Because Genesis is very clear that the evening and the morning were the first day. 

Genesis is very clear, God made the vegetation on the third day and He did not make the sun, moon, and stars until the fourth day.  Well, you can have the vegetation survive twenty-four hours without the sun, but you cannot have it survive a thousand years or sixty million years without the sun.  And so the ones that try to stretch the creation into a long period of time—they just have to throw the Bible out because the Bible is very clear.  New Testament, Old Testament, Jesus Himself said it was six days that God made the world, and we can’t spiritualize the whole Bible. 

You know, the reason we were just talking about this downstairs before we came into the studio the reason that so many people are trying to fit evolution into the Bible someway is that they’re just sure that all these scientists are saying this, that we must respect this, that we must respect this, and it’s true.  Friends, listen, the foundation for evolution, for evolutionary philosophy, is their dating system.  If you prove that they’re building on the sand, there’s nothing left. 

Their dating system is terribly flawed and all you have to do is look at their own reports regarding the dating system, get your encyclopedias out, look up carbon 14 radioisotope dating it will say right there that it is unreliable.  And it is based upon the premise, because no one was around six thousand, seven thousand years ago to record these things—written history goes back 4000 years, 5000 years.  And so they’re doing it all in the premise that the environmental deterioration has been consistent, and my Bible says the environment went through a radical catastrophic change 5000 years ago during the flood. 

And the fossil record tells us that there’s been a tremendous change.  The fossil record is very clear that these animals all died suddenly and were covered with deposits of mud instantly.  They used to say that the dinosaurs died off slowly because of climate changes, but they’ve had to come back and say “Well, it must have been an asteroid that hit the earth because it was a cataclysmic flood and an asteroid hit the ocean.” 

Well, friends, my Bible has said that for thousands of years.  It was a flood, but it wasn’t an asteroid that did it.  In any event, we need to keep going.  We do have a book on that if our friend wants to call.  1-800-835-6747.  Flunk the Science Test.  Ask for “How Evolution Flunked the Science Test”. 

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