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God of Creation

The science of astronomy has produced some of the most incredible information about the heavenly bodies in space. By means of powerful new telescopes the edge of infinity is being pushed farther and farther beyond the range of our natural sight. There is absolutely no limits to the universe according to the conclusions of space computers. The deeper men probe into the sky the more extensive and mysterious the stars and planets seem to be.

The most fascinating fact about astronomy is the uncanny accuracy of the movement of those unnumbered worlds, suns, moons and stars. We set our watches by them today, just as men have reckoned time by them in every age of the past. Scientists assure us that not 1/1000 of a second of time has been lost in a thousand years. This suggests that some mighty intelligence is controlling the course of these gigantic stars and their systems. Few of us can realize that they hurtle in their orbits at fantastic speeds, yet with never a collision with the billions of others in space. We go to sleep peacefully tonight with no fear concerning the safety of our solar system. Why? Why do we not worry about one of those countless stars slipping out of place and disrupting the universe? There’s only one answer to that, and even the professed atheist must admit it. We know there is a God who controls with perfect precision the worlds He created.

Today I want to take just one aspect of the wonderful character of God for our study - His omnipotence. That means all power. If God is anything, He is the greatest power in the universe. No religious man would deny that. The atheist alone would dare to lift his voice in denial. I believe that we can even compel the unbelievers today to admit that there is a God who possesses all power. You say “How?” I answer, by proving the miracle of creation.

I don’t mean scientific proof, because I wasn’t there. I didn’t see it. Neither were you. The things I’m going to say cannot be placed in the test tube of the laboratory, but they are so reasonable that only an unreasonable man could persist in saying that God did not create the world.

One thing cannot be denied by anyone, the marvelous earth is here and its intricate operation is still successful after millenniums of time have passed. Who caused the first proton, neutron, molecule and atom to spring into existence? Where did matter itself originate? It is not adapted to self-creation. It could not have formed without an originating power. I know there are lots of theories in circulation. I have studied with interest the fantastic imaginings of so-called scientists who describe the details of a creation which they classify as one hundred million years ago. They paint a picture of gases in motion, of swirling hot elements solidifying into planets, moons and stars. Listen, my friends, I’ve read about the origin of those gases. No scientist has yet explained where those molecules and atoms came from.

And what about the order of things in our solar system today? Suppose matter could spring into being of itself, a property which even science doesn’t attribute to it, could it arrange itself in the unbelievable orderly universe we see around us? Consider the rhythm of our solar system. Watch the fiery ball of the sun sink into the west. That giant atomic power plant is the center about which the earth swings at a distance of more than 90 million miles. We travel around this solar race track as a speed of over 1,100 miles per minute. Men talk of traveling with the speed of sound but the fact is we are all flying over the earth seventy times the speed of sound right now s we journey around the sun. What keeps the earth traveling 1,140 miles per minute, from flying off into space and colliding? Take a piece of string, tie it to a spool, whirl it over the head in a circle and then let it go. Does the spool still keep going around? No. What kind of a string would it take to hole the earth on a path around the sun?

The total attraction between the earth and the sun equals the breaking strain of a steel rod 3,000 miles in diameter. That rod is 90 million miles long. But there is no rod, so what holds it then? The power of God! There is omnipotence so vast that we cannot comprehend.

Have you ever heard of a man making an atom? We have only heard of splitting the atom. Man can change, but he can’t create. It would be folly to talk of making a sun, stars or planets. Man has been able to place a few satellites 200 miles up in the air to encircle the earth. But, friends, so many vast worlds are up there in space that man can’t even count them. If you want to feel small and insignificant go out some clear night and try to count them. Is it an accident that they move so orderly and precisely in their path? Is it an accident that we can set our watches to the fraction of a second by the movements of heavenly bodies? Is there a man so blind as to say there is no God with omnipotent power behind it?

I would say this, if it’s an accident, it is a mighty lucky accident. Consider our moon. Suppose it was larger and nearer than now; our tides would be raised to overflow the earth. If the moon was smaller and father away, then the tides would be worthless. Suppose the earth turned faster on its axis, our days and nights would be shortened and the regions at the equator would be covered with sea. If the motion was slower than now, the sea would cover the temperate regions. But the moon is just the right size, and the earth rotates at just the right speed making the earth fruitful and happy. My friends, if there is no God, this is the most wonderful and incredible thing I have ever heard.

It reminds me of a man who saw a turning shaft coming from a wall. He marveled at the steel rod which was capable of turning by itself but never realized the motor beyond the wall which generated power. Even Napoleon, the great general, could not tolerate his soldiers’ debate on God’s existence. He pointed to the stars and asked how they came into existence.

Friends, God is! He is the fountain of power, He is omnipotent, mighty, inscrutable. How did He make matter? How did He create the Universe? What did He have to start with? Psalm 33:6, 9 “By the Word of the Lord were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth. For He spake, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast.”

The fact is, He started something out of nothing. Why do we limit God here? He is so powerful that He spoke the earth into existence. Now read something else in the Bible we all agree with. Isaiah 45:18: “For thus saith the Lord that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, He formed it to be inhabited: I am the Lord; and there is none else.”

He made it to be inhabited. It was beautiful, perfect world God made-not the earth we see today. Several thousand years of sin have passed since creation. God made it perfect, and to even God it appeared very good. The Bible teaches that God made everything in six days. I believe that with all my heart. Someday soon I want to tell you why I do not believe it took God millions of years to make things. On the sixth day God made man perfect, upright and better than any man since. In other broadcast I want to show you why God didn’t make a jelly fish, and a million years later turn it into a monkey and another millions years later turn it into a man. Man was made in the image of God, with a righteous character also.

In that first week of time when the earth burst into existence in the perfection of a divine creation, there was nothing to harm or hurt. There was no lack of anything. God gave man a beautiful home in a most exquisite garden; He gave man a character like His own and He gave him a perfect diet-later on we will talk more about that perfect diet. He gave man life!

Talk about the power of God-here it is. Who can give life but God? Man who is advanced in science, has never been able to give life to a flea. Life and death are issues in the hands of God. When a man reaches the last stages of life, medicines, drugs, injections are all in vain. His life is gone. Science has analyzed the body; we know exactly what elements are in the body and what percent of each. We know how much of phosphorous, magnesium, etc., are there. We can mix them together in correct proportions but there will be no life. Gone are the days when scientists talked so confidently about a spontaneous generation and about the sudden formation of life out of the elements.

Now it is a scientific fact, life comes only from life. Could you produce one man who can explain the existence of life without God? I challenge you to do so. Show me a scientist, doctor, or physiologist who can explain what power keeps this heart beating and pumping blood day after day, year after year, without believing in God? Every 60 seconds, six quarts of blood is circulated through the heart. This is continued each minute of each year of life. But there is no generating plant to keep it working. No laboratory has been able to produce any mechanism that could operate even a few months without rest. This body of ours is a strange and wonderfully balance organism. It is a constant reminder of the fact of creation and the existence of an omnipotent God.

We could multiply evidence to confound the atheist, agnostic and skeptic. The most reasonable thing in the world is to believe in the existence of God. And we must all agree that He is omnipotent, that He is the source of power, of life itself.

One more question is in order. Is this omnipotent God of the universe so busy with the operation of worlds and stars that He forgets you and me? The most wonderful thing I know is this: The great God who measured out the oceans in His hand, and stretched the sky over the heavens, is interested in each one of us. He is concerned with the smallest cell in the leaf and grass; He has set a pattern and rule for the smallest animal in the world. Not a sparrow falls to the earth but He knows it. Not a hair of your head falls, but He knows it. Does He have a plan for your life and mine? Before you were born He had planned in love for you. To find and follow that plan is the purpose of life. It is the happiest road in the world.

The purpose of these broadcasts is to help you find and follow the plan of God. God wants us to be happy. Millions are frustrated, discouraged because life has no meaning. God wants us to enjoy the full every heartbeat. And I can assure you on the highest authority that there is only one way to experience the fullest and most satisfying of human happiness. It’s in following the way marked out in God’s Book, the Bible. How few realize that the true secret of contentment and security is found in this one source. Perhaps this explains the empty frustration and emotional problems that plague the modern generation. I daresay that the insecurity and unhappiness has developed in direct proportion to the neglect of God’s Word. In this age of skepticism and unbelief, millions have abandoned their faith in the Bible and have become disillusioned seeker for materialistic security. This they have not found and they never will. The total wisdom of the world is like a broken cistern compared to the springs of truth found in the Divine Word of God.

Now let me say in closing that the wonderful doctrine of creationism is being attacked by evolutionary scientists and humanists of ever variety. You need to understand that there is nothing unscientific about believing in a fiat creation of this world and everything in it. The fact is that there is no laboratory proof or demonstrable proof for any theory of origins. No one was there to see it happen. But let me assure you that the evidence available on the subject supports creationism over evolution.


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