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Did God create the entire solar system when He created the earth?

Caller: My question is that - I believe the Creation Story, you know, mentioned in Genesis. Does that also include that the solar system and everything else out there that we can't see or we don't know about was created at the same time?

Pastor Doug: You know there are a few different theories on that Jim. My theory is that when the Bible says that God created the heavens and the earth and when it says on the 4th day He made the sun, moon and stars - I believe at that time God made the Milky Way galaxy and our solar system. You realize that there are literally billions of galaxies that have billions of stars in each galaxy.

Caller: Right.

Pastor Doug: And I think God is so Big in the universe, so Infinite, that He makes galaxies at a time He doesn't just make planets. And I believe He created our whole galaxy - He made the earth and it says He made the sun, the moon and the stars. Sometimes a person will ask well hey wait Doug, how could God say let there be light and He doesn't make the sun until the 4th day? Well that's not a problem. The Bible says God is light. When He came to this shapeless orb and He began creating and He set the world spinning, He was the light. The Bible says Jesus is the Sun of Righteousness that arises with healing in His wings. The 4th day He made an inanimate, or I should say a lifeless sun, which is the one that's in the sky now, and the moon and the stars, the solar system and the planets that affect our galaxy. Now that's my theory. I'm not dogmatic about that because some things we're going to have to ask the Lord when we get there. But I believe there were other stars and planets and worlds in existence before He made our world.

Caller: Oh okay. Is there any Scripture to back that up or is that just a hunch? You know, I feel that way too.

Pastor Doug: Yeah the book of Job tells us that when God made the world, the sons of God shouted for joy and the morning stars sang together. Well you know if the stars are singing, they've got to be there when He makes the world.

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