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What does the Bible say about women as pastors or elders?

What does the Bible say about women as pastors or elders?
This Bible answer is politically incorrect. But if you trust God, you need to trust His Word.

From Genesis to Revelation, God has explained the relationship between men and women. Men are given the responsibility to be leaders in their households and the church.

Of course, God clearly does minister through women. The Bible points out a number of women prophets in the Bible who are spirit filled; in this capacity, they teach and warn. But the words “elder” and “pastor” in the Bible specifically refer to ordination, and there is no mention in the Bible of ordaining a woman in the capacity of pastor or elder.

Let’s look at a story in the Old Testament. Two Jewish slaves, Amram and Jochebed, had three unique children: Miriam, the oldest; Aaron; then Moses. All three children are called prophets. But only the boys, Moses and Aaron, could serve in the capacity of priest. Likewise, a man is supposed to be the priest of his family. This is something that God established in Eden, and nothing in the Bible suggests that it has been made null and void.

Now the New Testament: Jesus picked only males as His apostles, and the Bible only speaks of men as elders and pastors. It is unlikely that Jesus would pick only males as apostles simply because culture dictated it. Indeed, He died because He would not capitulate to antiquated Jewish traditions and customs. Therefore, it would be a big stretch to suggest that He only picked men so as not to ruffle the feathers of the Pharisees. He would not compromise simply for tradition in any area because it would be dishonest.

We are living in a sinful world. In dealing with the sin issue, God established men to be the servant leaders in the church. That doesn’t mean that women should not teach and minister—they can even preach and do evangelism. But being a pastor or elder is priestly in nature, and God calls on men to fill those roles.

Many opponents of this viewpoint point to the Bible verse that says, “In Christ there is neither male or female.” Yet in context, this really means that all people, regardless of gender, have equal access to God and heaven. Moreover, God values all service that women give to their families and church. But it doesn’t means that there isn’t a distinction between men and women in the church.

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