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King Solomon

Solomon wrote Ecclesiastes, or Qoheleth, loosely translated as “preacher” or “one who addresses an assembly.” When he wrote the book is not known. He clearly states that when he was writing or speaking the words of the book he was king over Israel; traditional scholars assume it was written shortly before his death in about 930 B.C.

Solomon, blessed with unmatched prosperity and wisdom, allowed his heart to be distracted from God and discovered how unsatisfying these temporal things are if one lives a life without God. Man may only discover happiness by aligning himself with his Creator. It seems that Solomon wrote the book simply to guide others away from making the same mistakes in futility that he made.

The Theme of Ecclesiastes

King Solomon's courtThe theme of Ecclesiastes, dreary as it sounds, is the futility of a life. Without the hope of Christ, the short, irrelevant human life simply ends. The well-known concept of the “God-shaped hole” in our hearts, which cannot be filled with anything but God, comes from Ecclesiastes. Happiness will never come from worldly things; the whole purpose of life is to serve God.

Today, Ecclesiastes offers perspective. This world makes absolutely no sense without an eternal perspective. Solomon’s words also remind us to enjoy what we have now, for we can’t take it with us. Take advantage of the opportunities you receive and leave the future up to God. Give to those in need; surrender your hearts to God and live your life in such a way as to please Him.
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