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The Final Events of Bible Prophecy

The Final Events of Bible Prophecy is a gripping 43-minute documentary on last-day events. Hosted by author and evangelist Pastor Doug Batchelor, this amazing DVD leads you step by step through seven end-time "events," including signs of the end, Christ's return, the millennium, and more.

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A New Revelation DVD and Study Guide by Doug BatchelorPresented by Pastor Doug Batchelor at a prestigious Christian university, this insightful prophecy study series will take you through the entire Amazing Facts Study Guide series step-by-step, helping you learn more about Revelation and Bible truth in thes

Product Code: DV-NRSET
Author: Doug Batchelor
Price: $109.95

A Revelation of Prophecy DVD Set by Eric FlickingerThe Scriptures speak of a power referred to as the little horn, the beast, or the anti-Christ power. We will begin by going back to the great prophecy of Daniel chapter seven which foretold the future with incredible clarity. Then through connection with

Product Code: DV-ARP
ISBN: 9781580193818
Author: Eric Flickinger
Price: $79.95

Can the Blind Watchmaker Account for This? by Matthew PriebeDoes the animal world reveal a system made by chance or design?

Using bright, vivid slide-show images of live animals, naturalist Matthew Priebe explores this question from many angles. Some people say that nature is guided by random forces lead

Product Code: DV-CBW
Author: Matthew Priebe
Price: $21.98

Complete Study Guide Set in Envelopes by Bill MayAll 27 Amazing Facts Study Guides for one low price! These lessons can be shared as independent topical pamphlets or be used to lead a personal or group Bible study.

Product Code: SG-CSET
Author: Bill May
Price: $9.13

Daniel and the Revelation (Hardback) by Uriah SmithThis revised edition simplifies and clarifies the original. All the sources drawn upon by the author have been verified, and in some instances new evidence found to fortify the prophetic interpretations. By Uriah Smith. (paperback)

Product Code: BK-DR
ISBN: 9780828019453
Author: Uriah Smith
Price: $12.98

Hidden Truth Magazine by Amazing FactsThis magazine presents seven of the most misunderstood biblical subjects in a direct and captivating way heaven, hell, salvation, Sabbath, and more.

Product Code: BK-HT
ISBN: 9781580192675
Author: Amazing Facts
Price: $2.50

Icons of Evolution by Steve MeyerDo you know the whole truth about Darwin's theory of evolution and its most famous icons? Learn why the world of science is being harmed by outdated research and how it is impeding scientific progress and education today. A fast-paced, fascinating journey

Product Code: DV-IOE
ISBN: 0972043314
Author: Steve Meyer
Price: $19.98

Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution (Set)The Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution Series enters the fascinating world of animals to reveal sophisticated and complex designs that shake the traditional foundations of evolutionary theory.

Product Code: DV-ICGP
ISBN: B000I2J6D2
Author: Jobe Martin
Price: $39.95

Prophecy Code DVD Set by Doug BatchelorWith natural disasters, crime, and economic instability increasing around the world, everyone is searching for answers about the future. But who or what can you trust when there are so many different opinions about Bible prophecy and Earth's final events?

Product Code: DV-PCS
Author: Doug Batchelor
Price: $49.95

Prophecy Foundations DVD-ROM by Amazing Facts

Studying Bible prophecy doesn’t have to be intimidating or confusing!

The Prophecy Foundations DVD features dozens of hours of video and audio presentations and hundreds of pages of study resources to get you up close and personal

Product Code: DV-PF
ISBN: 9781580193047
Author: Amazing Facts
Price: $13.95

Reclaim Your Faith DVD Set by Doug BatchelorDo you know a burnt out, worn out, travel-weary soul?

Without a doubt, you know at least a few peoplemaybe even yourselfwho were once walking with Jesus and enthusiastic about being a Christian but then, for

Product Code: DV-RYF
ISBN: 9781580194747
Author: Doug Batchelor
Price: $24.95

Scripture Mysteries Documentary Series (5 DVD Set) by Anchor Point Films

Scripture Mysteries Documentary Series (5-DVD Set)

This riveting series reveals the truth of a number of controversial Bible topics. Features top-notch theologians and archaeologistsso you'll better grasp wonderful truths about the Bi

Product Code: DV-SMDS
Author: Anchor Point Films
Price: $81.98

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance (Large Print) by James Strong

This revised, corrected, and updated edition of a legendary classic puts generations of biblical research at your fingertips. The New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible is the ultimate reference guide for finding any verse or passage

Product Code: BK-SCLP
ISBN: 9781418541699
Author: James Strong
Price: $40.73

The Beast the Dragon and the Woman by Joe Crews                                                      Struggle between truth and error, a daring, yet concise overview of the Bible's most compelling and perplexing end-time players and the struggle between truth and error as seen in Bible prophecy. Find out the part America plays.

Product Code: BK-BDW
ISBN: 9781580190220
Author: Joe Crews
Price: $2.20

The Final Events Study Guide                                                                         If you like the Final Events of Bible Prophecy DVD and want to dig deeper into what the Bible says about final events then this study guide is for you. Whether as a must-have companion piece to the popular Final Events of Bible Prophecy

Product Code: BK-FEN
ISBN: 9781580192910
Author: Doug Batchelor
Price: $7.95

The Story Bible by Edward EngelbrechtThroughout this Bible, high quality realistic art from our Growing in Christ series is used to fully engage the reader, rather than using cartoonish artwork that might suggest to children that the Bible stories are pretend rather than real.

Product Code: BK-TSB
ISBN: 9780758619020
Author: Edward Engelbrecht
Price: $26.98

Walking Through Revelation DVD Set by Doug BatchelorWalking Through Revelation

Product Code: DV-WTR
ISBN: 9781580193382
Author: Doug Batchelor
Price: $43.95

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