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Explore the Bible: Sticker Book by Tim Dowley
Young readers can create their very own Bible times reference books by using the stickers to bring each page to life. From Pharaohs and pyramids to fishing and baking, from Noah and his family to Peter and Paul, children can discover a taste of life in Bible times. By Tim Dowley.

Amazing Facts Bible Promise Book
Life can be challenging! That’s why people these days need all the encouragement they can get, and there’s no better place to find it than in God’s Word! *Paperback Only

The Explorer Bible by Stanborough Press
The Explorer Bible is an exciting new way to read the Bible and learn about Jesus! With stories, prayers, puzzles and activities, this book makes exploring the Bible an adventure!

Bible Mark Study System by GT Luscombe
This easy-to-use, essential Bible study aid includes five no-bleed ballpoint pens—black, yellow, pink, blue, green—and a clear ruler. The pens and rulers can also serve as book markers. Also comes with helpful study system booklet! By GTLuscombe.

The Story Bible by Edward Engelbrecht
Many stories from the latter part of the Old Testament have been included so that children may begin to build an understanding of the sequence of biblical history. There is also a users guide included to explain how to use this Bible with children at different stages of development and reading levels. By Efdward Engelbrecht.

Answers to Difficult Bible Texts by Joe Crews
Valuable information that explains more than 100 perplexing Bible verses, with index. A quick and handy book that answers apparent contradictions, awkward phrasing, the Sabbath, and many more challenging subjects. No study library is complete without it! By Joe Crews.

Adam's Synchronological Chart or Map of History by Sebastian Adams
21-panel, accordion-style fold-out chart measures 25 feet! The chart features detailed, full-color drawings of various stages of history, from Adam and Eve to the late 19th century, with handwritten commentary throughout. By Sebastian Adams.

Bible Handbook by Stephen Haskell
By S. N. Haskell. This handy, pocket-size book contains outlines for 220 Bible studies. By Stephen Haskell.

Prophecy for Kids by Doug Batchelor
Pastor Doug Batchelor's new prophecy book for kids will dazzle and thrill your youngest Bible explorers! Each and every page in this colorful, easy-to-understand Bible learning adventure will draw them closer to Jesus.

A Revelation of Prophecy DVD Set by Eric Flickinger
The Scriptures speak of a power referred to as the little horn, the beast, or the anti-Christ power. We will begin by going back to the great prophecy of Daniel chapter seven which foretold the future with incredible clarity. By Eric Flickinger.

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